Friday, May 2, 2008

Tile, Paint, & Crown Moulding

Yesterday we went to the tile place and picked up our bathroom tile. We also got our slate ordered for the kitchen (finally). The slate is a lot thicker than tile would have been, and since we're already putting it on top of two layers of stuff plus backerboard, we'll pretty much be using a ladder to get from the living room into the kitchen. I talked quite a bit with the owner of the tile place, and it turns out that laying slate is a lot more complex than laying tile, so I'm getting a little nervous.

Mom-Mom and Papa have been down here again this week. Mom-Mom has been painting woodwork, etc.; Papa got the island back in place in the kitchen, and he's been working on putting up crown moulding in the kitchen, among other things, of course.

I don't know where else to put this, so I'll just throw it in here: Today we bought lights and towel racks for the bathroom.

Yesterday we were pleseantly surprised to learn that Aunt Debbie (daughter of Mom-Mom and Papa) and Uncle Ron were planning on coming down (from Gallatin, TN) the next evening and helping out Saturday. They arrived tonight at around 9:00, and they're camping out on an air mattress in the green room. It's nice to have them here to join the cause.

We hope to accomplish a lot this weekend. With all this help, how can we not? :-) I'll be sure to post pictures of all these shinanigans before Monday.

(I should mention that Sunday, Dad brought his pressure washer over and sprayed most of the exterior of the house...while, ironically, it was pouring rain. The house looks better, especially the windows, and now the garage doors can be painted. Thanks, Dad!)

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