Monday, May 5, 2008

A Big Weekend

The weekend was productive, enjoyable, and memorable. Saturday morning we arrived to find Papa and Ron working on reinstalling the kitchen cabinets and putting molding around the tops of them:

They did a fantastic job, and Jessica and I are very pleased with how it looks. It was nice to see the cabinets go back up; it felt like a big step forward.

I continued working on the shower tile:

Dad scraped, primed, and painted the exterior of both garage doors (note the difference in the painted one on the left and the unpainted one on the right):

Jessica, Mom-Mom, Debbie, and Mom painted:

Aunt Debbie and Mom-Mom prepared a wonderful lunch of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches:

Saturday evening, Ron installed the bathroom light fixture we bought Thursday:

(Note the test patch of "Fiery Red" paint that Jessica was considering for the bathroom walls. Yikes!)

Sunday was just as big a day. Jessica and I went shopping for cabinet hinges and found some very similar to the old ones but in a "brushed nickel" type finish. Papa and Jessica worked on putting doors on the upper cabinets (we want to wait on countertop and slate installation before putting the doors on the lower ones):

Ron and Papa had investigated the condition of the chimney Saturday evening, and found it to be lacking flashing (among other problems), which explains its persistent leaking. Ron performed some repair work that should stop the leaks at least until we save enough money to replace the roof, which is clearly ready for retirement.

Of course, two constants remained: tiling the shower and painting:

Dad came over and mowed the yard, then worked with Papa and Ron to replace two clogged drain pipes that run underneath gutter downspouts. They also investigated the drain pipe for the washing machine. It had originally been run underground to about 30 feet away from the house, where it emptied into a sort of makeshift gravel aquifer covered by rotted plywood about a foot below ground. It had gotten clogged there, so the pipe had been intentionally broken where it came out of the wall, so the waste water would just empty right at the corner of the house. They suggested I have the drain pipe rerouted to run right to the sewer line. I'm going to try to have a plumber look at that this week.

Mom generously brought over white chili and chips for dinner. It was fantastic again.

This weekend was undoubtedly the most productive yet. I'm certainly starting to sound like a broken record: we feel so blessed and loved to have everyone help out so much. We would be in awfully bad shape were it not for the selfless hard work of our families. We could not possibly express adequate gratitude for what you've all done for us. Thank you so much!


Aunt Debbie said...

You mentioned the soup & sandwiches we had on Saturday and the white chili we had on Sunday, but my favorite food of the weekend was the Panera Bread bagels that Davie brought to us on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I didn't have room in my stomach to sample all of the flavors!

I enjoyed seeing some of the projects start to come together. I wish I could help again next weekend! I don't know how you'll ever get it all done without me. :-)

Lots of love & best wishes!

Sarah Chamblee said...

Hey Nathan and Jessica!

I just started reading the blog today and even though I've skimmed over some of the recent stuff I wanted to start from the beginning so I spent the most time reading the Feb and Mar stuff.

Wow, you both seem to really be doing great with all this! And WHAT A FAMILY YOU'VE GOT!!!

I enjoy reading the blog but I have to confess pictures keep flashing in my head of what my own blog of such a project might seem like - it would involve a lot of pictures of me crying, yelling, stomping, putting paint swatches down the garbage disposal, etc. So you are an inspiration to me!

Continued good luck in your work and I look forward to not only seeing your house one day but also to your debut on "Flip This House".


Nathan said...

What a family indeed! We are tremendously blessed.

Thanks for reading. I'm glad it's been inspirational. The good thing about authoring a blog is that I can keep all the crying and yelling hidden from the reader; all you see are results. :-)