Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Roof Complete

The shingles were finished on Thursday, but the chimney still had a tarp over it, indicating they weren't done with the flashing. When we got home on Friday, the tarp was gone, and the (surprise!) copper flashing was done. We hadn't expected them to use copper, and they didn't ask, but after we got over the initial shock we decided we liked it. It looks very interesting and seems to suit the house and the shingles. Have a look:

Overall, we're very pleased with the new roof. The shingles don't quite have the color variation that Jessica had wanted (and the low slope of the roof makes it especially hard to see any variation), but it still looks great and we're glad we were able to get it done this soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Roof in Progress

First a little catch-up: we got a second estimate for getting new shingles put on the roof, and it ended up being quite a bit less expensive than the first one, so we decided to move forward on it. We picked out a 30-year architectural shingle in color called Moire Black.

I was surprised on Monday when I got a call in the afternoon from the owner of the roofing company telling me that his crew was at the house getting started. I was surprised because we hadn't yet set up a time for them to start, but we weren't going to complain about our new roof going on sooner than we'd expected. ;-)

There's a decent chance of rain forecast each day this week, but yesterday the weather cooperated, and we came home to find the roof well more than half re-shingled. Jessica insisted she climb up on the roof to have a look and take some pictures. First, here are some from the ground that kinda serve as "before" shots because none of the new shingles are visible from the front yet:

And now a view from on high:

They seem to be very close to finishing; there is less than half left to shingle. However, they're going to be installing ridge vents and doing the flashing around the chimney too, so I predict they'll finish tomorrow--if the rain stays away.

Jessica seemed happy with the way things looked, so I'm happy too. We're excited about it. I'll certainly post more pictures when it's all done!