Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I love gardening. At home, I always looked forward to buying flowers in the Spring and planting them with my Mom (she did it without me this year :-( ). A while back Nathan surprised me with this book about creating small gardens. I’ve looked through it a ton and dreamed about what I wanted to do when we got our own place. Unfortunately, with the timing of this purchase and the vast amounts of work (and money) spent indoors, I realized early on that my garden would have to wait until next year.

Then Mommom started bringing me these beautiful hostas a few weeks ago. I was so thrilled because I now had those in a two flower beds and loved them. Well, last night, mom came over. We painted for a while and then she needed to go to the grocery store. Before she left, we were all standing around outside talk and I decided to dig up weeds in my new (thanks to Papa) flower bed around the mail box. A few minutes later, mom noticed something off in the side yard.

They were peonies! Yes! I love peonies, too. Then we found another peony plant. As if that weren’t exciting enough, after looking around more, we found purple irises starting to come up. When mom and dad left, I started weeding around one peony and put some of Papa’s wood shavings around it to keep the weeds down. I was a happy girl. It’s so fun to experience these little blessings from God.

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Jess said...

We are discovering all the plants in our yard as well - since we moved in last summer after most things had finished blooming. It is very exciting!