Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Saturday

Yesterday, my uncle Keith (son of Papa and Mom-Mom) and cousin Allen (son of Keith) came over. Keith has some experience patching holes, cracks, and joints in drywall, so he went to work finishing off the kitchen soffit-hole repair. He did a fantastic job, and by mid-afternoon, the kitchen was ready for painting. Jessica and Tammie tackled that job, and the first coat was finished rapidly.

You'll notice in the pictures that the kitchen floor is radically different. Last week, Papa worked on taking up a couple layers of the floor in preparation for tiling. He took up the top layer of linoleum and a layer of thin plywood. There are two more layers left, and Papa suspects that the bottom layer, the one underneath the beautiful linoleum you see pictured, may contain asbestos, so we're leaving both of these alone; I'll put backerboard and tile over it all.

We're going to try to get kitchen tile ordered this week...and by "tile" I likely mean "slate tile". Jessica has really latched onto the idea of having big slate tiles on the kitchen floor. If we can find the look we want at a price we can tolerate, we'll order it next week and hopefully start laying it in a couple more.

Though I forgot to take pictures of it, Dad put primer on the walls and ceiling of the master bathroom; we're not remodeling it for quite awhile, but we hope to get it looking decent by the time the home is re-appraised. I'm about 70% done tiling the shower in the hall bathroom, and I really hope to be done by this time next week. Thanks yet again to the help of family, things are shaping up nicely, and I expect things will be finished on time.

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