Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jessica's Addition

I do have a few things to add. I feel that a wise career choice would be to stop teaching and become a painter. They have to get paid quite well because the work is so tedious. I am tremedously greatful for the help of Lisa and MomMom. My hope is to get the livingroom near finished and to paint the kitchen this weekend.

We went back to the tile place today, and I'm hoping to get Nathan to jump on the slate bandwagon. We're looking at two slates: African Gold and California Gold. I am earger to get this decision made. When we bought the house I was really excited about making all of these design decisions. I still enjoy doing that, but there's just so much tile and paint you can look at before going nuts.

I am looking forward to getting all of the paint cut out of my hair tomorrow!

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