Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pipes and Wire

Yesterday the plumbers finished up their work while the electricians began theirs. This evening, the electricians finished. Among a few other tasks, they consolidated our many dilapidated fuse boxes into one big breaker box; installed GFI protected outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen, and garage; and, most notably, installed five "can lights" in the kitchen:

Jessica is very excited about the can lights, as they really brighten up the kitchen a lot and make things seem just that much closer to finished. I am very pleased with the work our electricians did.

On the way home from work today, we stopped at a lighting store and bought a chandelier for the kitchen and a fixture that Jessica says may replace the one she bought for the living room. She's very happy with the chandelier, but I think she's unsure of the style and configuration she wants for the remaining lights (living room, hallway, bedrooms).

We have a lot of sheetrock work to do, a ton of junk needs to be hauled to the dump, and I still haven't laid a single tile in the shower yet, so this weekend is sure to be a busy one. I'll try to keep the pictures and updates coming your way!

(I've uploaded pictures from the past couple of days, so check the "House Pictures" link in the right-hand margin to see them.)

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