Sunday, March 30, 2008


I forgot to take pictures today, but there really wasn't much to see. I went to the house after church/lunch and continued working on the tub surround. I filled the gaps between the pieces of backer board with thinset mortar, and caulked the gap between the backer board and the tub. Jessica had to do a lot of school work again today, but she came over for awhile to prime the cabinet fronts in the kitchen.

Dad came over for a few hours, too. There had been a small leak in the roof over the garage (until Dad found and patched it a couple of weeks ago), and the piece of particle board ceiling under the leak was badly discolored and rotted in spots, so Dad brought over a new piece of board for us to install. We took the old piece down and figured we might as well check to see if he had indeed patched the leak successfully. We took a water hose onto the roof where the leak was and for about a half hour we simulated just about every type of natural water bombardment short of a hurricane; we saw no convincing evidence of a leak.

The plumbers are supposed to come back tomorrow to finish up their work, and the electrician is also scheduled to work tomorrow. I am kind of nervous. I'm not sure they'll all be able to do their work without impeding one another to at least some degree. Thus, I'm worried they may not finish everything tomorrow like they estimated. Also, the part of me that's a little obsessive-compulsive is worried that I won't be able to keep an eye what all is going on and make sure everything is being done the way we want it. If everything does go well, though, I hope to begin tiling the tub surround at some point.

I'd better get to bed. If nothing else, tomorrow is sure to be demanding.

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