Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Big Day

When we arrived at the house this morning, Mom-Mom and Papa were already there. After some thought we decided that, since the cabinet painting is pretty much done, we might as well start on one of the bedrooms. Papa helped fix holes and cracks in the wall and ceiling while I went to buy paint. Jessica and Mom-Mom began painting the ceiling and doing edges and corners on the walls. Papa later worked on making boards to go in the toe space below the kitchen cabinets on the floor, and also made further progress on the soffit-hole patching project.

I finally began tiling the shower today. I've spent so much time in preparation that it was exhilarating (and a bit nerve-wracking) to actually start putting tile on the wall. I used my wet saw and was very pleased with it; I can't imagine not having bought one. Things went reasonably well, though I almost wish I'd have built a wall to practice on first, as I've learned a few lessons during the process that I wish I'd known at the outset.

Wayne and Tammie came for a few hours this afternoon. Wayne put up a new piece of particle board on the garage ceiling to replace the one that was rotted (The brevity of the preceding sentence belies the length and tedium of the task; it was not an enviable job.), and Tammie helped paint in the bedroom.

My parents also came by, though briefly and not simultaneously. Mom brought her camera and took some of the pictures you see in this post (we forgot ours). Dad helped Papa install the new light fixture in the bedroom after the ceiling was painted.

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