Sunday, April 6, 2008

Visible Progress

We're getting to a point where almost all the progress we make is readily apparent, and it's pleasing. It's so nice to see instantaneous and highly visible results of your work. I continued tiling the tub surround, and I've almost finished the back wall. Jessica and Mom painted ceilings and walls. Dad tackled putting up insulation and drywall in the hole in the kitchen. We got a lot of work done this weekend, thanks to the help of some wonderful parents and grandparents. Thank you all so much!

We've been buying a lot of paint lately, and Jessica is concerned over color. The biggest problem is that what you see on the sample swatch thingy and decide upon is not really how the paint looks once you get it up on the wall. I suppose that's common, and even expected, but it's still a problem, and we don't really know what to do about it.

By the way, the pictures of the painted bedroom make the walls look strange (almost greenish in one picture), but they're a nice light brown color called "Cookie Crumb":

(Actually, they're supposed to be that color, but actually they're quite a bit darker. What to do...?)


Dave Galloway said...

Outstanding job, young buck! I thought I went crazy finishing a basement and playing with my compound mitre saw, but you're doing a whole stinkin' house! Things look great, and I'm proud of y'all. It's a time when women learn what door headers and cripples are, and men learn what a faux finish with seafoam green is.

Continue the good work, and I'll keep checking in. By the way, this Sunday for lunch won't work.. maybe we can do it the following Sunday. I forgot Tonya is in charge of someone's baby shower immediately after church in our classroom. Babies everywhere!

Jess said...

Paint color is so hard to choose. Lowe's will match a paint swatch from anywhere and they sell these little 8oz.samples you can have them mix for you for about $3. That is how I decided that purple was not the color I wanted for my kitchen after all - pregnant decision - but only a $3 mistake.