Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Big Week

I really should have blogged before tonight; there has been so much to write about. Mom-Mom and Papa brought their RV down on Tuesday and will leave early tomorrow morning. They have spent nearly the entire week working at the house.

Papa worked on a huge variety of tasks, including: working on the sheetrock in the kitchen and bathroom; filling innumerable holes and cracks in the ceiling and walls throughout the house; installing light fixtures; and mowing the lawn. Mom-Mom did a lot of painting--doors, hallway, bedroom, trim, etc. She also fixed dinner for us several nights. I cannot begin to express our abundant gratitude for their help.

Jessica worked on paint stuff almost exclusively. She was having trouble finding exactly what she wanted for the living room and hallway, and decided that what she really wanted was the color of the living room in our duplex. So I called our landlord and asked about the paint he used. It turns out he had kept the label that had the paint's formula printed on it, so we wrote that down and took it to Home Depot. They mixed up a gallon of it, and it looks right, so I think that's what we're going to use. Crazy, huh?

We also worked on finding a green that we like for the back bedroom which we'll use as an office. The first attempt looked like a florescent mint chocolate chip ice cream (sans chips), so we tried again today and "Zen Mist" turned out to be a winner.

Most of my time was spent working on the tub surround. I finished tiling the back wall and did some work on the other walls to prepare them for tile.

Unfortunately, I forgot every day to bring the camera to the house, so I don't have pictures to prove I'm not just making all this up. Surely tomorrow I'll remember to bring it, so check back tomorrow night for further updates and new photos!

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Aunt Debbie said...

So now we have Cookie Crumb and mint chocolate chip ice cream paint colors. Yummy! I love the pictures. Everything is looking so pretty, fresh, new, etc. Thanks for keeping us updated.