Friday, March 21, 2008


We closed on the house this morning, and we are now officially homeowners. It feels good to have that taken care of. After we left the title company's office, we went out and bought a new bathtub, toilet, a pedestal sink, (Actually, we only bought the pedestal part of the sink; the pedestal top was out of stock. The only other Lowe's in the area that had any was in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, which is quite a drive away. Fortunately for us, Jessica's parents were on their way back from Atlanta this evening, and they were nice enough to swing by the Fort O. Lowe's and pick up the top to our pedestal sink. Quite a parenthetical statement, eh?), and fixtures for the shower and sink.

While Jessica and I were out spending money, Mom-Mom, Papa, and my mom were out at the house working again. The mother and grandmother painted cabinets yet again. Yesterday, Papa and I were looking at the kitchen island and noticed that its supports were damaged and falling apart, so today he worked on reinforcing (and, in some cases, replacing) them.

Tomorrow, I plan on tackling the bathroom. I want to get the tub put in and start working on getting the tub surround prepared for tiling. Jessica has to do some school work in the morning, so I'm not sure if anyone else will be working with me, but even though I'm tired I feel very motivated to get some major things done before I return to work on Monday.

Lastly, Jessica took a picture of some bushes that were outside the title company's office this morning and she wanted to know if anyone out there knew what kind of plant it was. She wants to find out because she thought they were very pretty. The picture is below. Any guesses? (You can click on the picture for a larger view.)

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Moma Lisa said...

Up close, it looks like a pink forsythia, but I've never heard of a pink forsythia.