Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bring Your Money!

I have never spent so much money in my life. It feels crazy to save all of my paychecks for seven months and then spend it left and right for three days. Today I bought all of our appliances. Dad was an amazing help in the whole process. He has skill in getting deals. I am totally thrilled with what we got. H. H. Gregg just opened in Chattanooga this weekend, and they were serious about making deals. I bought a Whirlpool fridge and range and a Maytag dishwasher, and stayed under budget, even with delivery! I can't wait to make my first cheesecake in my new oven. I'm glad that we were able to work all weekend even though we are not closing until tomorrow. I can't wait to actually be the offical owner of this house! After this weekend, I think it's going to be killer when it's done! I wanted to thank everyone for all of their help before I sign off. The amount of help has been unbelievable. Without it all, we wouldn't have bathroom tile gone, tools delivered, cabinet doors off, sanded floor borders, clean walls, curtain rods taken down, clean windows, new locks, a new front door, and plenty of other things that aren't popping into my mind. THANK YOU ALL! We love you very much and deeply appreciate your help.

It's been a long road finally getting here, but I feel like God has really taken care of us through this whole thing. I was devastated when we lost the first house we were trying to get, and I could not understand why we didn't get it. Now we're working on the one that He had planned for us all along, and I couldn't be more happy. Nathan and I feel so blessed.

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Jess said...

Can't wait to see it! Call me if you have time over the break - I would love to see it!