Monday, March 17, 2008

Renovation Day 3

We were supposed to close today, but it didn't happen. It's a long story, but basically we're still waiting on SunTrust, the leinholder, to complete whatever correspondence with the sellers and the title company that they need to, and we likely won't close until Thursday or Friday. I'm sure things will work out just fine, but it's frustrating to keep being held up.

Below are a few pictures, and the last three show today's projects. The first one was taken yesterday and displays the results of my dad's hard work taking out the tile in the tub surround (and me taking measurements). The second one is of the door that Wayne and Jessica put in today--the door leading from the garage to the back yard. The third shows some cabinet doors after being sanded. Jessica wants to paint the kitchen cabinets white, so we're going to lightly sand them all first so they'll hold primer/paint better. Last is the mailbox that I mounted and put numbers on.

My grandparents (hereafter known as Mom-Mom and Papa) are coming down from Sweetwater tomorrow to work on some things with us. We're really looking forward to having them here; their company and their help will be much appreciated.

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