Monday, June 8, 2009

More Deconstruction

I came home from work last Friday and was surprised to find even more work done in the bathroom. Jessica had removed nearly all the tile on the last wall of the shower (the trickiest part, given the presence of pipes and wire inside that wall), and had taken out the medicine cabinet/mirror/light thing above the sink, as well as some small, unidentified wall-mounted accessory under the mirror. Observe:

Jessica seems intent on actually making this renovation proceed smoothly (which is highly uncharacteristic of our house projects); she's obliterating all roadblocks that would hinder progress and, worryingly, is swiftly chipping away at my mental list of excuses to put off laying tile. Perhaps this is how projects are supposed to go when you're not doing 17 other things at the same time, like we were at this time last year...


Jessica said...

I have sweet husband and a great desire for a clawfoot tub in that bathroom! The demo has actually been very fun. It's nice to be obliterating tile instead of painting ceilings. I don't think laying floor tile will be that bad since I am not allowed to pick slate this time per Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Still doing a great job guys, though I'm not sure I would trust Tonya with a hammer in the house, as it may find it's way to me some days.
Just curious, on demo days, do you briefly morph into Ty Pennington, grab a megaphone, and shout, "Let's.... do it!!"?