Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're Still Alive

Summer brings an end to the blogging drought. Let's get right to it...

Last weekend, Jessica and I went to Nashville for our first anniversary. We enjoyed just exploring the city and finding fun things to do. It was very nice to get away from here for a few days. House work isn't moving at the break-neck pace it was for the first few months, but things are getting done.

Blinds have been hung in the bathroom, our bedroom, and the "Cookie Crumb" room:

Jessica stained the outside of the front door, and it looks very nice:

Jessica worked hard scraping, priming, and painting the front porch "ceiling", and now it's almost where she wants it. She wants to put up some molding. (In the next picture you'll also notice shutters, which Wayne and Jessica hung on the front and garage side of the house):

Yesterday, Wayne came over and installed the light fixture that Jessica picked out for our bedroom (the pictures didn't turn out that good--the light looks much better in person):

Until recently, I had really been slacking off on laying slate, but I've gotten quite a bit done this weekend. I have about 12 more pieces to set...then the grouting begins.

Today, Jessica picked up her dog from Wayne and Tammie's house and brought it over to hang out in the back yard. I suppose Heidi will be moving here in the not-too-distant future.

I took some pictures of the flowers that are growing in the back yard near the stone wall. I think Jessica said they are lilies. I think the red/orange ones are really neat:

It always feels like we're close to finishing things up, but more things are constantly popping up. I guess that's how things will be for awhile. ...though that doesn't bother me, because once I finish the kitchen floor, doing anything else will feel like a vacation. ;-) I'll try to make my blog posts more frequent. Maybe Jessica will post a thing or two sometime.

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