Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working on Sunday

A travesty, I know, but I think it was all God-pleasing work, and we got quite a bit accomplished.

After church, I made a quick trip to Lowe's for more cabinet handles. I bought all they had (26), and we're still about 5 short. I then started cleaning thinset from the grout lines between slate tiles. It was rather tedious; there was a lot to clean out because I had been a little sloppy when laying the slate. I also used a cold chisel to alleviate any extreme instances of unevenness between adjacent tiles. Behold, the tools of the trade:

I covered the whole floor (minus what I'd already grouted) and vacuumed thoroughly afterward. Now I'm prepared to dive into some serious grouting next week.

While I was doing this, Jessica was painting quarter-round and repainting (for a total of four coats of Behr Polar Bear 1875 semi-gloss) cabinet doors:

It's a dangerous thing not knowing what you want to do next; it's at these times that you receive assignments. My assignment was to install the overhead bathroom light fixture that we bought on Friday (Our regular lighting store was having a huge sale, and we got a great light for $7.00!). I'd never installed a light fixture before, so this one took me about two hours:

Finally, not more than 30 minutes ago, Jessica installed all the cabinet handles we had. It looks really nice, and does a lot to give the kitchen a finished look.

P.S. I tried shooting the inside of the front door again. This is the best I came up with, but I think it's a little better than the first ones I took:

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