Monday, May 19, 2008

A Weekend in the Bathroom

...not because I was ill, but because I worked almost exclusively in the bathroom all weekend. Saturday morning we got some stuff at the store, including a new blade for my wet saw, then headed over to the house. Papa was there after having dropped Mom-Mom off at my parents house in Ooltewah (she wasn't feeling up to working). He worked on constructing a frame for our bathroom mirror. (I had bought a custom-cut mirror Friday afternoon, only to find out Saturday that I had given them the wrong dimensions. Luckily the mirror is a little too large, so we'll simply need to get it cut again.) I swapped in the new diamond blade and started cutting tile for the bathroom closet. There were so many intricate cuts to make. It was very slow, tedious work, and by the time I was done, it was time to leave for a graduation partyish thing in Ooltewah. My brother Evan graduated from high school Saturday evening.

Sunday, Papa came back down early to work, and we joined him. He finished the mirror frame (which now lacks only paint and a correctly-sized mirror), I set the tile in the closet, then we both got to work measuring and cutting the wainscoting for the lower half of the bathroom wall. Jessica worked on painting woodwork until after lunch, then headed off to do school work (only a week of school left!).

We're shooting for moving in by the end of the month, and it looks like things will be getting done just in the nick of time; we have almost no room for error. We plan on having the countertops installed and the hardwood-floor-refinishing begin on Wednesday. Next Tuesday, the plumbers will do their next round of work. In the meantime, we'll be working on the kitchen floor, which we won't be able to lay slate on until we pick it up on that same Tuesday, which gives us five days to lay the slate, grout, wait for the grout to cure, seal the slate/grout, and wait for the sealer to cure. I have a feeling we'll be staying out of the kitchen for the first few days of June, as I don't think the floor will be quite ready to be walked on and have refrigerators and tables scooted around on it by 6/01.

Things have gone well, though, and we are in great shape compared to what we could have been--if we hadn't had all this help from our families, Papa and Mom-Mom in particular. We're so proud of what's gotten accomplished, and we're looking forward to seeing everything come together in the next few weeks. Keep checking in; I promise updated pictures soon! :-)

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