Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm through with the "Renovation Day #" blog titles; they're very dull and not very useful. Today we worked on taking out the soffit in the kitchen. I had never even heard the word before, but Jessica said it had to go. For those of you unsure of what a soffit is, see the pictures. (I've uploaded new pictures of tub removal and cabinet painting from yesterday, as well as soffit-removal pictures from today.)

Mom-Mom and Papa are coming back down tomorrow. This time they're bringing their RV and staying the night. We got a lot done with their help yesterday; we'll be glad to have them here again.


Jess said...

Good job, Jessica! I agree - soffits gotta go!

Jessica said...

It was fun to beat the tar out of stuff. A stress reliever, for sure. I hated that thing! I want to put glass front cabinets up there eventually. I'll have to blog about yesterday's demolition project. I started taking down the vinyl that was nailed to the roof of the porch. I hate that almost as much as the soffit. Thanks for the cheer :-). I have a new recipe for your dinner blog.