Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yesterday, I took the day off work to meet plumbers at the house. There are several tasks I wanted done, and they got about halfway through. They replaced the galvanized pipe running to the shower while setting up the tub/shower fixtures, installed a drain in the tub, and adjusted the position of the supply pipes for the sink. They're supposed to come back on Monday to do the rest of the work. (The electrician is also supposed to do his work Monday; the plumbers said they could make do with battery-powered tools.) While they were working, I worked on some minor adjustments to the front and kitchen doors. Working with locks, doors, and hinges--getting it all to align and work properly--is some of the most difficult and tedious work I've done so far. Then again, I haven't started shower tiling yet....

The completion of plumbing work in the tub/shower means that I can finally start tiling the tub surround. I plan on working on that all day today. Papa and Mom-Mom are coming down sometime this morning. I'm not sure who else might show up, but I think it will be a very productive day, despite the dreary weather.

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