Friday, August 1, 2008

Shingles, etc.

I am not disillusioned about the fact that my blog posts about my projects are never going to be as awesome as Nathan’s. So, let me wow you this way. Last Saturday we ate lunch at the PF Chang’s in Knoxville when toward the middle of my meal I am alerted to the fact that the god of football, Phil Fulmer, has chosen to take a seat right next to ME! As you may suspect if you know me well, I did indeed pick up the phone and call my father to share my warm tingly feeling with him. I so wanted to tell him that at the Orange and White game in Chattanooga, when I was eight, I had my picture taken with him and he told me that he had a daughter my age. However, my husband implored me not to “bother” him. I know, you’re thinking “How could he possibly be bothered by you, Jessica?” My thoughts, exactly.

The end of the summer is already here. I wanted to get a few projects done before I started teaching this year. Nathan and I have been finishing up the quarter round. We finished the office last week, and tonight, he’s finishing our bedroom. My most recent project was working on door knobs. After a closer look, I decided that I would try to polish the door knobs before we went ahead and replaced them. I am very glad I did. They have turned out beautifully. Some look better than others because the tarnish was extreme in places. I am much happier with these knobs than I would be with new ones because they look so interesting and because they were original to the house. They don’t make knobs that look like these 60-year-old ones anymore.

Today Nathan and I came home early to meet a roofer. He measured our roof and talked to us about our options for shingles. Nathan and I decided that it would be a wise move to proceed with the roof now (we were considering replacing my truck, which we sold Wednesday). I think were going to get another estimate from a roofer that my mom knows before we hire someone. Until then, I am trying to pick the shingles I want. I know I want architectural shingles. These are the three colors I have narrowed it down to:

"Moire Black"


"Slate Stone"

I want the attractiveness of the shingles to show, and it seems that the darker the roof, the less you can appreciate the shingles.

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