Sunday, March 9, 2008

Granite and Reality

Yesterday we went searching for tile and granite for the kitchen and bathroom. We found some granite we like for the kitchen counters. Below is a picture of the granite pattern; the picture doesn't look exactly like the granite does "in person", but it's close enough to give you a good idea.
In coordination with this choice, we think we've also decided upon kitchen tile, as well as wall and cabinet colors. More to come on these items soon.
The reality is setting in. I borrowed a truckload of tools from Dad yesterday (Thanks again!). I've made an immense list of finely granulated tasks, and now we're actually sitting down and deciding the priority and order of each one. Then we're going to (*gulp*) make a shopping list of tools and materials.

Less than two months ago, this kind of work was the farthest thing from my mind; now we're diving into a full-scale project whose outcome couldn't have a greater impact on our future. We're definitely excited. For me especially, this sort of challenge is very inviting. I look forward to sinking my teeth into it.

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Moma Lisa said...

Mom-Mom said she tried to leave a comment, but apparently she didn't succeed. She said to check with Papa before purchasing any tools.