Wednesday, February 20, 2008


If we can get the oddly-configured financing we need, Jessica and I will take possession of our new house on Hickory View Lane on Friday, March 14. If all goes as expected, we will soon be totally enveloped by matters related to our outdated, dilapidated, new house--and for quite awhile. I cannot imagine a better tool than a blog for keeping a journal of and sharing with friends and family the events that will ensue.

Please feel free to add comments to the blog entries--words of encouragement; home improvement advice, criticisms, recommendations, and warnings; or just simple discussion.

(Blog authors always begin with the grandiose idea that they're going to write and post blog entries at least weekly on a consistent basis for the rest of their lives, but, inevitably, most will lose their motivation after a week or two. I am no exception, but I'll do my best.)

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