Saturday, February 23, 2008


We're slowly getting closer to closing the deal on the house.

I met with two electricians yesterday (never could get in touch with anyone from Foster Electric) to get some estimates, and costs were right around what we expected, if not a little lower, so that was good news. The selective rewiring we want done is right at the top of our priority list.

I also talked to our loan guy yesterday and he said the appraisal should by complete by Tuesdsay. The bank needs to know how much the home will be worth after all our work is done, so the appraisal is to be done with the idea that the house has already undergone all the work we want to do with the extra money they'll loan us. So we expect to hear a final word on the financing by Wednesday.

Nothing to do now but wait....and discuss interior paint colors. More to come next week!

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